Austin And Ally Get The Wiggles Car Is A Grounded Video Out Of Austin And Ally Made By Zander On July 5, 2015. 
Austin And Ally Get The Wiggles Car And Gets Grounded-302:01

Austin And Ally Get The Wiggles Car And Gets Grounded-3

Plot Edit

Austin And Ally Are Bored, So They Take The Big Red Car. Greg Goes To The Driveway, Then He Is Surprised. He Asks Where The Big Red Car Is, Then Jeff Answers His Question. When The Car Comes Back, Greg And Jeff Realise That Jeff Was Right! Then They Tell On Them. Austin And Ally's Parents Ground Them, Donate Their Stuff To Team Umizoomi, Then Make Them Wear Nappies For The Rest Of Their Lives. 

Goofs Edit

  • "Ally" Was Pronounced Wrong. 
  • Diesel Pronounced "Room" Wrong.

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